In 1995, Dalian Dadi Pump Industry Co., Ltd. took the lead in the industry to obtain iso9001 quality system certification and nuclear grade 2 and nuclear grade 3 pump design and manufacturing qualification certification.
In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, Dalian Dadi Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has actively made important adjustments to the product structure through the development of an export-oriented economy. In cooperation with famous foreign companies, Dalian Sulshou Pump and Compressor Co., Ltd., Dalian Hai Mi Tike Sealed Pumping Co., Ltd. and Dalian Bogman Co., Ltd. have been established, which has greatly strengthened the overall strength of the company.
At present, Dalian Dadi pump industry Co., Ltd. is composed of four joint ventures and six wholly owned subsidiaries, and Dalian Dada pump industry Co., Ltd. has strong product development, manufacturing, product testing capability and perfect quality assurance system.

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