Sulzer trade Co.,Ltd 

China's largest production of petrochemical flow flow pump and various corrosion resistant pump professional production plants and major export enterprises, is also one of the five major key enterprises in the National pump industry. There are decades of research, design, and manufacturing of various corrosion resistant pumps rich experience. The factory has an enterprise technology center that specializes in product development and research. It has complete testing and testing equipment and a complete product quality assurance system.
Petrochemical flow flow pumps and various corrosion resistant pumps are the leading products of Dalian Dadi Pump Industry Co., Ltd. and can currently produce more than 90 series. More than 2,000 kinds of products, including various types of blade pumps, reciprocating pumps, shielded pumps, mechanical seals and various related complete sets of equipment design and manufacturing, It is widely used in the transportation of various demanding media in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, fertilizer, mining, metallurgy, nuclear power plants, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, food, and environmental protection industries.


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