Multistage centrifugal pump
Product parameters
Structure: BB2
Design standards: API610 8th Edition
Flow: 5~3500 m3/h
Lift: ~ 650m
Temperature: -80 ~ +450 C
Pressure: HDD/HDD-C single stage pump 5.0MPa, grade two, three level pump 11.0MPa
Widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and other industries conveying various cleaning or with trace particles of neutral or corrosive liquid, typically used in modern refineries to transport crude oil and high temperature at the bottom of the tower with the pump and need continuous operation occasions, but also in methanol ammonia plant lean liquid pump and device rich liquid pump.
Canned pump
The shield pump structure cancels the rotary shaft sealing device with the traditional centrifugal pump, so it can be completely free of leakage.Shielding pump ties the pump and motor, the rotor of the motor and pump impeller fixed on the same shaft, using block set to separate the motor rotor and stator, the rotor has been run by the transmission medium the power passed to the rotor by stator magnetic field.In addition, the production of shield pump is not complicated, and its hydraulic side can be designed and manufactured according to the structural type and related standard specification usually adopted by centrifugal pump.
Magnetic pump
Structural characteristics of pump
Multi-stage ,direct connection,save cost and space
Without rolling bearing, coupling
Small flow, high lift, completely without leakage
Using high pressure inner loop, Part of the high pressure medium in the end stage impeller outlet, by mesh into the shielding motor rotor cavity, Through axis hole into the second high pressure area of the secondary stage impeller. Suitable for pumping various fluid medium, including easy vaporization medium
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